Toxic & Environmental Lawsuits: Lead Poisoning Could Be Found to Affect More Children in 2022

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new standards in late 2021 for identifying children at risk of dangerously high lead exposure. As the new standard lowers the blood lead level necessary to meet the criteria for poisoning, higher numbers of children will likely be found at risk this year. 

The latest national data from 2018 shows that more than 87,000 children were found to have at-risk levels of blood lead content  (CDC). Additionally, the CDC notes that statistics of lead exposure in children could be underreported, as not all children receive testing. Lead poisoning could therefore affect hundreds of thousands of children as of 2022—and a lawyer may be able to help families seek compensation if they were harmed.

Background on Lead Contamination and Possible Sources of Exposure

Lead can be found in many homes built before 1986, primarily through lead-based paint and/or plumbing. As the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notes, children and adults could be harmed by lead poisoning from the following sources:

  • Paint and Building Materials: While lead-based paint can be found on walls and ceilings, contaminated paint could also be found on windows, windowsills, doors and door frames, banisters, and stairs. 
  • Water: Many older homes still contain lead-based pipes, and lead can leach into the home’s drinking water through corroded lead plumbing. 
  • Toys and Other Products: Children’s toys and other products in the home may also contain lead, such as furniture. 
  • Playground Equipment: Lead-based paint on older playground equipment could also be a source of contamination, along with the lead in turfgrass. 

Symptoms of Lead Poisoning in Children

Children exposed to dangerously high levels of lead can face many troubling symptoms, such as:

  • Developmental lags
  • Learning problems
  • Emotional control issues, including irritability

If you or a loved one have been exposed to chemicals that caused lead poisoning, contact one of our experienced personal injury and product liability attorneys.