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The Sentinel Group® has built a nationwide network of attorneys who help injured people with their cases.

Who Are We?

The Sentinel Group® ("TSG") is the Legal Marketing division of full-service advertising firm, OpenJar Concepts, Inc.® (“OJC”). TSG has become one of the most widely recognized and successful brands in lead generation for case acquisition. We understand how to walk the line between what media needs in ROI and what law firms need in their packet economics. The OJC/TSG team has over 40 years of combined mass media, performance driven-lead generation experience, using mass media vehicles such as TV, RADIO, PRINT and DIGITAL. The TSG senior management team has successfully been involved in the advertising for nearly every Mass Tort campaign during the last decade plus, dating back to 2001.

The core of TSG merges the perfect balance between deep media and client relationships with in house proprietary tracking, utilizing our system TrafTrack®, for unlimited reporting technologies. We offer one of the most robust license and back end free trade mark protected content libraries (in many cases with complimenting web/landing page components) for our clients to utilize either with or without their own law firm brands to scale in ways previously not possible. TSG couples our media savvy and technology prowess with in-house production allowing us to move fast to market with unique quality content. We enable the possibility of driving leads cost effectively with aggressive movement towards market share. TSG maintains Tier 1 relationships with the top most endorsed legal focused intake facilities and law firm funding partners all ready to engage and deploy with you. Together, our pieces of the case acquisition puzzle provides endless solutions to enabling a cost effective platform for driving quality calls and leads to our network of participating law firms. Simply, THIS IS WHERE THE CASE BEGINS™.

How Do We Do It?

TSG comes to the market with an impactful strategy of branding and generic scalability coupled with a diverse media portfolio that includes unparalleled TV and RADIO national reach in conjunction with a value driven menu of options for DIGITAL media. TrafTrack brings our digital acquisition to life. A few of our proprietary tools includes a lead verification system (tags quality 1-10 ranking scale), lead delivery system for real time delivery to client's CRM, lead allocation system enabling lead aggregation, pixel tracking from landers as well as a make good system (eliminating erroneous lead fees) and other robust back end ad enabling technologies. Our relationships with national TV and Radio, local cable, syndication and broadcast stations dates back through decades of grandfathered media agreements and proven success boiling down to one important factor, trust. Trust comes with transparency and the ongoing, multi-million dollar investment in TrafTrack is the most sincere way in which we can validate our statement of integrity. We come with the intrinsic understanding of packet economics to media return on investment and how those marry together to create a successful and impactful campaign for all parties involved.

Where Have We Been?

TSG has generated hundreds of thousands of leads for most if not all of the Mass Tort cases to hit since the days of Fen-Phen including but not limited to; Steven Johnson’s Syndrome (SJS), Mesothelioma, Vioxx, Avandia, Accutane, Actos, Topamax, Fentanyl Pain Patch, Trasylol, Zoloft, Yaz, Paxil, Depakote, Lipitor, Granuflo, Pradaxa, Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacements, Da Vinci Surgical Robot, IVC Filters, Pelvic Mesh, Xarelto, Essure, Talcum Powder, Risperdal, Nexium and more.

Where Are We Going?

The Sky is the limit for the abilities of a company with such a diverse breadth of experience. Our content, reporting, market reach and acquisition technology will continue to evolve and add value for our law firm partners year over year. Looking ahead, the team at TSG recognizes that there is a market for Single Event cases and has been developing the ground work for quite some time to build national consortiums for cases such as Trucking Accidents, Catastrophic Injury, Auto Accident and others. Utilizing our highly specialized lead aggregation platform within TrafTrack and building relationships at a high level with the nation’s top intake facilities, TSG is poised to build ground breaking national campaigns for Single Event in the way Mass Tort has been doing for years.

What Should You Do?

You should contact The Sentinel Group. There is no hard selling. We listen, we consult and inform. If you are ready to move in a direction be it big or small, then we execute. How you respond to the information is up to you. Our mantra is relationship. Long term, mutually beneficial relationships built on proof and trust. Now that you have made it to our site, we invite you to visit our social media and watch some of our videos to learn more about who we are and all of the amazing options we can do together.

About Us

The Sentinel Group® generates leads in multiple categories including Mass Torts, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy and others.

The Sentinel Group® promo spot - Mass Tort Marketing Legal Intake- 2015

The Sentinel Group® promo spot - Mass Tort Marketing Legal Intake- 2015

Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio interviews US Legal’s Chase Givens & TSG’s CEO, Adam Warren


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The Mass Torts Vendor Association (MTVA) is pleased to announce that The Sentinel Group in Temecula, CA has been accepted into the MTVA Gold Audit Membership.

This exclusive Gold Audit Membership is available to existing members of the MTVA that are willing to participate in a thorough review process. After fulfilling all requirements and securing law firm testimonials, The Sentinel Group has heightened its recognition among the best in class vendors serving the mass torts legal community.

The Mass Torts Vendor Association congratulates MTVA Gold Audit member The Sentinel Group for being instrumental in the tremendous progress of this organization