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You could qualify to start or join a 3M military earplug lawsuit if you served in any branch of the U.S. military, were issued 3M ear protection devices, and subsequently suffered from full or partial hearing loss. You may also qualify for compensation if you were diagnosed with tinnitus after using 3M earplug products. If you or someone you love served in the military between 2003 and 2015, you can explore your monetary recovery options.

Soldiers and other military servicemen and servicewomen who depended on 3M’s products to live up to their promises to protect you during combat have been shown to have sustained damaged hearing. The result of flawed or faulty products entitles military end users to seek compensation for the resulting medical bills, diminished quality of life, and past, current, and future physical and emotional pain and suffering.

Used 3M’s Dual Combat Arms Earplugs?

U.S. military service requires many sacrifices, particularly for soldiers and others who place themselves in danger to protect the freedoms of everyone in the country. If you were one of these brave men or women, you probably trusted the manufacturers of protective products at the time of their use. If a military grade product failed to perform as promised and you were injured, you are entitled to compensation.

If you were a member of the military who sustained hearing damage, total hearing loss, or tinnitus, you can become one of the many men or women filing a 3m earplug lawsuit seeking monetary recovery. You were likely to have used 3M protective earplug devices if you were in combat or other situations or military maneuvers with loud and sustained noises.

How Do I Know If I Used Defective Military Earplugs?

If your military service included training exercises and combat situations where you were exposed to unusually loud noises or blasts, the military would have provided you with ear protection. To find out if the earplugs you used are included in this lawsuit, you can start by identifying certain details of your service. You may have used the defective products if you were:

  • A military serviceperson or military contractor between the years of 2001 and 2006
  • Given the standard earplugs issued to military service persons during that time
  • Diagnosed with partial hearing loss, complete hearing loss, or tinnitus afterward

You may also have used defective military earplugs if you are currently dealing with any of the hearing disturbances or damage listed above. An examination of your military records and medical records can help prove the dates and times of your service and the timeline of the resulting damage.

What Earplugs Are Covered by the 3M Lawsuits?

The military may purchase multiple types of earplugs or a variety of models from a single manufacturer. This was the case with 3M. The earplugs that prompted injured service people to start demanding compensation include the following:

  • 3M’s Combat Arms earplugs
  • 3M’s Combat Arms Earplugs Version 2
  • 3M’s dual-ended Combat Arms earplugs
  • 3M’s dual-ended Combat Arms Earplugs, Version 2 (CAEv2)

Your military records will play a role in proving your eligibility to start or join a lawsuit based on hearing loss and tinnitus suffered by members of the military. Thousands of soldiers are seeking compensation and you may have a case if you used any 3M ear protection device. The best way to find out which earplugs are covered is to review your potential case as part of your pursuit of negligence-based financial damages.

What is the basis for this lawsuit against the 3M Company?

This and other cases filed against 3M allege that the company knew about the defect in their ear protection products. The defects that existed in 3M combat earplugs caused a significant decrease in their ability to protect the hearing of men and women who used them in extremely loud settings and in the manner for which they were intended.

When you put yourself in dangerous situations, you deserve the protection you believe you are getting. According to United States Department of Justice (DOJ) reports, 3M can be held liable for your hearing-related injuries as part of the false claims act. Product makers and providers must deliver products that deliver the protections they promise. Failure to do so puts the health and safety of our country’s military personnel in unacceptable jeopardy.

Am I eligible to be a Plaintiff in this lawsuit?

Anyone whose hearing was damaged or destroyed by the use of defective 3M products is eligible to participate in this multidistrict litigation case. A review of your case can help establish your eligibility to pursue financial damages. You qualify if:

  • You were in the military during the years 3M supplied specific earplug protection devices
  • The use of 3M earplugs was part of your military service protocol
  • Your time in service included training, combat situations, or other avenues that exposed you to loud noise
  • You have provable hearing damage or tinnitus

Personal injury lawyers are building case files and preparing potential lawsuits for men and women just like you who served in the military and suffered hearing loss because of the earplugs they were supplied with.

I am on active duty. Does that disqualify me?

A person who is on active duty in the U.S. military cannot pursue damages from the government. Your active-duty status, however, does not disqualify you from pursuing the maker of the faulty product. If your hearing was damaged by 3M’s earplugs, you are as entitled to compensation as a military veteran.

If you are one of many injured military servicemen and women, you are entitled to seek compensation from the at-fault party. In this case, the at-fault party is 3M because the earplugs with the defective component led to hearing injuries that can be difficult to overcome. They can change your life for the foreseeable and distant future, and you deserve to be compensated for your life-changing injuries.

If you are a veteran receiving disability benefits for the damage to your hearing, you are also eligible to pursue the 3M for compensation. Most likely, your receipt of compensation will not impact your ability to continue receiving benefits. Only a legal representative can answer this question with certainty, so review it with your representative.

What is the likelihood that this civil lawsuit will be successful?

The outcome of any lawsuit cannot be predicted. In a civil lawsuit such as this one, the evidence presented has to meet a specific measure. You and your legal representative must prove 3M:

  • Was aware of their product’s defect
  • Owed you a duty of care
  • Failed to provide it
  • Caused your hearing-related damages
  • Caused your financial damages

While no one can predict the outcome of this lawsuit, similar lawsuits against 3M have been successful. According to Reuters, the first trial against 3M resulted in a $7.1 million combined verdict for three injured parties. Their second lawsuit resulted in a $1.7 million verdict for a single injured veteran.

Is this a class action lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit is one in which multiple plaintiffs sue the same defendant for recoverable damages. If you seek damages as part of a class action group of plaintiffs, you share equally in any resulting monetary damages. Our team represents veterans an active-duty military servicemen and servicewomen who were injured by 3M products.

If their combat arms earplugs version damaged your hearing, you could be eligible to join our mass torts case. Somewhat similar to a class action lawsuit, it allows a large group of plaintiffs to seek compensation from a single defendant. As part of a mass tort case, a value is assigned to your case on an individual basis and any damages awarded are divided accordingly.

Can I tell my friends / soldiers who may be affected?

If you know of other military personnel who suffer from hearing damage, hearing loss, or tinnitus, they are also eligible to seek financial compensation for their damages. In lawsuits filed against the company for their defective earplugs, 3M is being held accountable for hearing-related damages including tinnitus.

Tinnitus — a troubling condition where sufferers have persistent ringing in the ears. According to Mayo Clinic research, sufferers might also endure other noises in one or both ears. Additional noises that disrupt your life and impede your ability to hear and function include buzzing, roaring, clicking, hissing, and humming.

Soldiers and other military personnel who used 3M ear protection products may also have sustained hearing loss that resulted in long-term damage. Sufferers may then become dependent on:

  • Hearing aids
  • Increased volume on personal devices
  • Cochlear implants

You may also require medication to cope with depression and anxiety along with counseling and mental health care support. The devices and medications your injuries require are compensable as part of a personal injury lawsuit.

What Kinds of Damages Can I Seek?

Hearing loss caused by exposure to extreme noisiness can be difficult, if not impossible, to recover from. That can mean your life is changed forever and you will require many forms of modifications to your life and to your lifestyle. Accordingly, you can seek compensation for the following types of recoverable damages:

  • Current and future physician expenses
  • Surgery to implant cochlear implants
  • Hearing aids and other assistive medical devices
  • Prescription medications to treat depression or anxiety
  • Lost wages and income for your inability to work
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering

In some personal injury cases, injured plaintiffs are eligible for punitive damages. Punitive damages are rare and are awarded when the decision-maker in a lawsuit deems the at-fault party’s action to have been intentional or particularly egregious.

Law firms that help injured members of the military seek compensation also help ensure the value assigned to their damage are accurately valued. While no financial award that you receive can accurately compensate you for the damage to your hearing and the forced change to your life, compensation can ensure you get the medical care and support your injuries require. Compensation can also ensure you are able to rebuild your life.

What is the average payout for the 3M military earplug lawsuit?

If your lawsuit for financial recovery is successful, the payout you receive from 3M will be based on your specific financial expenses and losses. It will vary greatly from that of other injury victims because of a variety of variables which can include:

  • The value of your lost wages and income
  • The depth and severity of your hearing damages
  • The current and ongoing costs of your treatment plan

FDA reports suggest 3M was aware of the defect in their combat earplugs — originally designed by Aearo Technologies. This can entitle you to additional compensation in the form of punitive damages. When we manage your case, we will ensure your individual and overall damages are assigned an accurate financial value.

When will the 3M military earplug lawsuit be settled?

The length of time it takes to settle a lawsuit depends on many different factors and so cannot be accurately predicted. Of course, we understand your eagerness to settle your lawsuit and start putting your life back together quickly. We also understand the risks involved in settling a lawsuit quickly.

We opt to help you fight for the best possible financial outcome of your case by steering settlement negotiations in your favor. We use the evidence we collect for you as well as expert testimonials from expert medical and auditory experts. Our goal when we represent you is to ensure you get the compensation the at-fault party’s negligence entitles you to.

Consult a Military Earplug Lawsuit Attorney

If you served in the U.S. military as a soldier or in any other capacity, and suffer from damaged hearing, our team can help you seek financial compensation. If your hearing loss was the result of using 3M manufactured military grade combat earplugs, you could be eligible for monetary recovery. Fill out our contact form today for help with your case or to learn more about how you can bring the manufacturer to account.