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The Cartiva Synthetic Cartilage Implant (SCI) is a synthetic cartilage implant for the big toe, designed to replace damaged cartilage and offer relief from pain in patients with certain types of arthritis. The implant received pre-market approval in 2016, but the device has since caused concern for many patients and doctors. 

The Cartiva implant has been shown to slip out of place and cause additional damages. Patients have since filed lawsuits to seek compensation for corrective surgeries and other necessary care. 

What Is the Cartiva Device for?

The Cartiva implant is meant to help patients with osteoarthritis in the big toe. This condition can arise from major bunion deformities, trauma, and other causes. People with this condition can face a limited range of motion, pain, and even challenges wearing shoes. When the device received approval from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the clinical test results provided by the manufacturer demonstrated the following benefits:

  • Offered an alternative to surgery for arthritis in the big toe.
  • Successful in reducing patients’ pain over the course of 24 months.
  • Functional ability of the foot and ankle showed meaningful improvement over 24 months after implantation.
  • Substantial improvement in patients’ quality of life after one year and two years following the procedure.

However, in spite of these positive initial studies, doctors went on to observe that these results couldn’t always be replicated with real-world patients.

What Is the Problem with Cartiva Implants?

In spite of the device’s FDA approval in 2016, many doctors have stopped using the Cartiva implant. Surgeons have reported that too many patients with these implants went on to face:

  • Degree of motion issues
  • Post-operative pain
  • The device slipping into the bone (or subsidence)

Additional studies have also shown that patients with these implants may go on to experience stiffness and could require advanced procedures to correct these issues. While the FDA has not yet issued a recall, patients who were affected by these kinds of poor outcomes could seek compensation. 

What Can Patients Recover from a Cartiva Lawsuit?

By filing a lawsuit against the implant manufacturer, Cartiva, patients could seek compensation for many costs and losses associated with the device, including:

  • Medical costs: This may include corrective procedures, therapies, medications, and other medical needs following an adverse outcome with a Cartiva implant.
  • Income losses: People with substantial pain or lost mobility in the big toe may be unable to earn their usual income. 
  • Intangible losses: Suffering serious pain or lost function in the toe could impact patients’ quality of life. Damages could be recoverable for pain and suffering, depression, and other non-financial losses.

Some people have already received a settlement for their Cartiva lawsuits. A Cartiva injury lawyer could help you understand your eligibility to file a lawsuit. They can also gather necessary evidence to show how you were harmed and what compensation you may deserve. 

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