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Wage and Hour

Welcome to The Sentinel Group® ® (TSG) consortium for Wage and Hour Cases.

All the information needed for Law firms interested in participating in our National case acquisition program can be found here.

TSG will be running national television, radio, digital and print advertising campaigns to drive calls from prospective plaintiffs looking for representation. TSG has proprietary contracts with national media that allow us to produce a guaranteed cost per call for this campaign.

For those wanting only cases from your local region, we have a variety of Digital campaigns that can geo-target to your specific area. These campaigns would run on Facebook, YouTube, and various other sources from the internet. Pricing for this model is done on a cost per lead basis.

These calls and / or form fills will be coming directly from the consumer to your intake center.

For firms wishing to have an “all-in-one” solution, TSG has partnered with US Legal, P.C. to handle all legal intake and back end campaign support. US Legal charges no upfront fees and a sustainable co-counsel share on the back end to facilitate the following:

  • 24/7/365 bilingual legal intake
  • Client Contract Completion – Through E-Sign or Expedited Mail

Law Firm Participation

We ask a minimum of one (1) media quarter (13 weeks) of participation in the program. Financial participation is dependent on the participating firm’s desire. We ask a minimum of $130,000.00 ($10K per week for one media quarter) to participate.

Through TSG’s proprietary tracking and reporting software, named TrafTrack ®, each firm will have access to real time reporting, call disposition, call recording, and all pertinent data. Allocation of calls is dependent upon the individual law firm’s budget participation.

Contact Information

For more information, please email Salesor call 951.296.9222 ext. 310